PensionHelp America

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How can PensionHelp America help me?

PensionHelp America will connect you with counselors that provide assistance with your pension or 401(k) plan questions or problems. After answering just a few short questions on the PensionHelp America Web site, you will receive one or more referrals to:

  • Government Pension Agencies: The government agency that is responsible for managing your specific pension plan can answer many questions you have about your pension rights and requirements. The service is provided free of charge.
  • Pension Counseling and Information Projects: A Counseling Project can help you find benefits from former employers that you are no longer in contact with, and can assist you by helping you figure out benefit calculations and benefit determinations. The service is provided free of charge.

Can I get help from PensionHelp America?

You can get help from PensionHelp America if you need assistance with your specific pension question or problem.

How can I get help?

To get help, visit PensionHelp America.