Use these tips, tricks, and tools to make the most of your money.

Money Management Tools

More than a third of senior households have no money left over or are in debt after meeting essential expenses each month. Find tools that can help you create a budget, manage your money, and cut spending.

Tips for Avoiding Scams Targeting Seniors

Financial scams targeting seniors have become so prevalent they’re considered “the crime of the 21st century.” See how to identify the most common scams—and protect your hard earned money.

Senior Employment Resources

It’s not always easy for older workers to find jobs. Use these resources to make your job-hunting journey easier.

Legal Resources

Legal issues – like writing a will, establishing a power of attorney, or filing for bankruptcy – are complex. See what you need to know.

Retirement Planning Tools

How do you turn your dream of a secure retirement into reality? Find tools to create or reassess your retirement plans – plus tips to cut expenses or earn extra income.

Financial Programs and Services

Financial planning involves many important decisions. Use these resources to evaluate your financial situation, set realistic goals, think through all your options, and take action.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be an important financial resource and help protect you against unexpected events. Make sure your have the right coverage for your situation.

Homeownership Resources

Our homes are often our biggest financial asset. But as you age, your home can become a financial burden to keep up. Find resources to modify your home to age in place, decide about moving, access your home equity, and get help if you are facing foreclosure.